How To Get Free Traffic From Traffic Bomber Method

How To Get Free Traffic From Traffic Bomber Method
How To Get Free Traffic From Traffic Bomber Method

How to get free traffic to your blogs or your websites in a very short amount of time. It will only take 15 minutes of consistent work everyday for around 10 days.

So what is the Traffic Bomber Method? It is simply copying and pasting your content on different websites all over the internet. You can go on websites that are getting millions of visitors every month. Then just copy and paste your own content or your own blog post on these websites.

Website Number 1: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best social networks that will help you grow and get traffic. First, create an account.This doesn’t mean pasting your links inside the feed. Then inside your account, click on “Write an article” and paste your blog content inside your profile. LinkedIn gets around 1 billion visits per month so it will help you get traffic.

Website Number 2: Quora

Quora as you know is a Q&A website, where you can ask and answer questions. But this doesn’t mean just answering questions and mentioning your links. Create an account then in your profile, you can create a space on Quora. Name it whatever you want and add a description. Here you can post your own articles and again simply paste your blog content. Quora gets around 500 million monthly visits so it will also help with traffic.

Website Number 3:

Medium also allows you to post your articles. So if you don’t have a website, you can use Medium as your own website to post your articles and promote affiliate links. Create an account, click on “Write a Story” and again simply paste your content. Medium gets around 223 million monthly visits so you will get a lot of traffic.

If someone is searching on any of these websites for a certain topic related to your content, they can find your article. Moreover, these websites have a very high rank on google, so your article can then also rank on google through these websites, instead of your own website. This is very important so you can get free organic traffic from search engines into your articles.

In order to get traffic back into you website, you simply need to create internal links. So include links to your own websites, articles and services. Then anyone reading your article on these websites will click on your links and link back to your website. This way people will get introduced to your content and you will get followers. Keep in mind to provide real value in your content.

Website Number 4:

Inside mix, simply click on the plus icon and paste your blog article and mention your links. Mix gets around 1.4 million visits per month, which is also very good. It’s from the US, so it’s a good traffic source.

Website Number 5: Pinterest

Pinterest is very powerful in terms of traffic because people use the search feature a lot to find things they are interested in. After signing up, click on create a pin and enter the URL of your blog and the title. You can also add a small description. You need to create an image, and the best way to create an image for Pinterest is by using Canva. You can select the option for Pinterest pin and it will give you a lot of different templates and more.

Website Number 6:

SlideShare allows you to create and publish small slides or small eBooks. So what you are going to do on this website is upload a small version of your article. You can also do this on Canva, create your slides there, download them and then upload them to SlideShare. SlideShare gets around 182 million views.

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