Viennese Jewish – The Woman Who Invented WI-FI

The Woman Who Invented WI-FI.

The most beautiful woman in the world in cinema and thanks to her we have Wi-Fi. Her name was Hedi, Hedi Lamarr.

She was a Viennese Jewish woman with a passion for technology and a vocation for theater and film. In Hollywood, and first in Germany, where she began her career and then escaped to avoid the Nazis, she was called the most beautiful woman in the world and, indeed, her photos and films confirm that she was incredibly beautiful and talented.

What few in Hollywood suspected was that the brunette who starred alongside Spencer Tracy or Clark Gable was also an extraordinary communications engineer, capable of inventing and patenting a teleguide system for missiles.

The U.S. government rejected the invention during World War II, only to take it back at the time of the Cuban crisis. Hedi Lamarr’s invention became fundamental to the development of Wi-Fi technology.

In short, if today we can connect wirelessly with mobiles, PCs and tablets to networks, we owe it to her, the most beautiful woman in the world, which is celebrated today in Austria and Germany, because her birthday has become Inventor’s Day.

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