Highest Paying IT Jobs

According to Forbes, inflation is rising.

It is at its highest in the past 30 years, with

Industry shifts like these can be a career changer.

which not only helps you to sustain the

inflation while also assisting you to fulfill

Your financial goals make sense.

Hello and welcome to this video on the top ten highest

Let’s get high paying jobs for the year 2022.


Full-stack developer

According to Forbes, a full-stack developer

A web developer is the second happiest job in

the world

The full-stack development was named the

In 2022, the number one position will be filled.

by 38 of the recruiting directors

According to the United States Bureau of Labor,

full stack statistics development

The number of positions will increase from 135 000 to over 1 million.

853 000 by 2024

Full-stack developers are computers.

programmers who are proficient in both.

Front-end and back-end development

They typically have a very broad skill set.

such as back-end frameworks and front-end

frameworks, middleware databases, and even

top companies like Apple, eBay, and HDFC.

The city and others are hiring for full

stack developers with an average salary of

8 lakhs per year in India and the

united states It is one hundred sixteen.

a thousand dollars a year

An experienced full-stack developer can

earn anywhere between $200 and $300

two thousand dollars per year to two thousand dollars per year

one hundred and eighty thousand dollars


AI engineer.

According to Google Ceo Sandar Pichai,

Artificial intelligence’s impact will be

even greater than that of fire,

The impact of electricity on our collective development


Artificial intelligence engineers are

responsible for developing programming.

and the development of complex networks of

The algorithms that make up an ai

This role requires combined expertise in

Software development and programming data

science and data engineering.

Companies are hiring for AI engineers.

Amazon, the NBA, IBM, and Accenture are just a few examples.

The average salary of an AI engineer is $119.

000 dollars per year in the United States and

You can earn up to 171 with experience.

a thousand dollars a year

The average salary in India is 9 lakhs.

per annum and, with experience, you can

You can earn up to 20 locks per year.

If you want to learn from the top,


According to the press release, the engineer

The US DevOps market is estimated to be worth $1 billion.

In one year, 3.2 billion dollars were spent.


By 2026, the global DevOps market will

$17.8 billion USD

A DevOps engineer can help companies to

They automate their development pipelines.

They should be well versed in

the infrastructure management systems.

administration and hands-on knowledge of

DevOps tools

In the United States, the average salary is

DevOps engineers earn a salary of $125,000 per year.


In India, with experience, you can earn up to

to 22 locks per annum

Amazon, Netflix, Target, and Walmart are

Among the top companies looking for

DevOps engineers

Data scientists.

The data, according to analytics insight,

The science market was valued at 193 billion dollars.

in 2019 dollars

It is expected to grow to $421 billion.

dollars by 2027.

Data scientists employ industry.

knowledge, contextual insight, and

skepticism of long-held assumptions

Solve business problems

A data scientist is well versed in r

or python statistical analysis data.

Data visualization for machine learning

warehouse and architecture

The average salary of a data scientist in

There are 133 thousand in the United States.

dollars per year

in India, with experience, you can expect.

an average of 19 locks per annum.

Fortune 500 companies like Oracle

Microsoft and Intel are hiring

scientists right now.


According to forecasts, architect

Gartner’s global cloud spending

services are expected to exceed 482,

in 2022, a billion dollars

increasing from $313 billion in


According to LinkedIn, the cloud

The architect job is witnessing a growth of

on a yearly basis in the United States alone.

A cloud architect is responsible for

overseeing a company’s cloud computing


This includes cloud adoption plans. cloud

design of applications, cloud management, and

monitoring cloud architects’ salaries in

In India, the distance between five locks is 36.4 kilometers.

lakhs per year based on experience

The average salary in the United States is $133,000 per year.

ranging from 119 to 119 thousand

dollars and 148 000 per year businesses

Hiring cloud architects is standard.

Cyber security analyst

According to statistics, the top global

The cyber security market is expected to grow.

By 2026, it is expected to have grown to 345 billion US dollars.

According to the bureau of labor,

statistics bls

positions will be available

in demand in the coming years.

It is expected to grow by 36 by 2024.

a cyber security expert

develops, assesses, and implements.

security plans in order to prevent

breaches and protect the security of a

company’s digital assets

network up and running

Systems are among the most important abilities.

required for a cyber security analyst.

Continuing on to the salary, as said, it is a

has an average-paying job and has an

annual salary of 12 lakhs and India

The average salary in the United States is $120,000.

per annum

Companies like Apple federal reserve

Cisco and patient first

Intel hires more cyber security analysts.

project management.

According to PMI demand over the next 10,

years for project managers is growing

faster than the demand for workers and other services


By 2027, there will be 22 million new

Jobs for project managers

Project managers play the lead role in

Planning and executing monitoring

controlling and closing out projects.

Since they are accountable for the entire

project scope

Key skills required in a project

time administration

Problems, critical thinking, and leadership

according to Glassdoor, resolving

The average salary of a project manager is

15 locks per annum in India.

In the United States, the average salary is

A project manager earns $160,000 per year.

annum, and with experience, it may rise.

to 140, 000 per annum.

Companies hiring a project manager

Deloitte, Google, Microsoft, and others are examples.

Data engineer.

According to the dice report data,

An engineer is the fastest-growing job role.

with an increase of more than 50% year-on-year

growth in the number of open positions

Data engineers design and build systems.

for gathering, storing, and analyzing data

on a large scale

They ensure that the data is stored in a secure manner.

usable state by the time it reaches the

Analysts and data scientists

How much does a data engineer make on average?

There are eight locks per annum in India with

With experience, you can earn up to 16 locks.

per annum

In the United States, the average salary is

A data engineer’s annual salary is Rs. 117, 000.

and with experience, you can earn up to

144, 000 per annum.

The top companies hiring data engineers

include hp

IBM, Capgemini, and Microsoft if you are

Blockchain engineer

The global blockchain market is

estimated to reach $34 billion by

the year 2026

with a 45 percent growth rate

According to Linkedin, blockchain has

topped the list of hiring skills

What managers are looking for in employees

around the world.

A blockchain engineer implements and

It creates a digital blockchain for

enterprise solutions

Typically, blockchain engineers may work

for data consulting firms or technology consulting firms

science firms

abilities required to be a successful blockchain developer

include an understanding of

Blockchain architecture

Cryptography, smart contracts, and work

Knowledge of programming languages

How much does a blockchain developer make on average?

Engineer salary in India is 6.5 lakhs per year.

In the United States, entry-level

Positions start at $110,000 per year.

per annum

top companies hiring blockchain

IBM, Coinbase, HSBC, and Walmart

BI analyst

Psychologists estimate that we make an

Every day, 35 000 decisions are made.

Business intelligence means being more

knowledgeable about your industry a

Business intelligence analyst reviews

data to produce finance and market data.

intelligence reports

These reports are used to highlight

patterns and trends in a given market.

that may influence the company’s

operations and future goals, according to

On glassdoor the average salary for bi

Analysts earn 800,000 rupees per year.

In India in the United States, it is 85,000.

per year from companies such as Twilio and Google

analysts right now.

You’re unsure where to begin your journey.

into bi, check out Eureka’s business.


details in the description box below.

So this is our list of the top 10.

highest paying jobs in 2022 in the it


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