Khaby how he became famous

Khaby has 200 million followers and he doesn’t speak kabani lami the fastest growing creator in the world

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Before Khaby became famous

He was a waiter and a factory worker making a total of 1 000per month see 20 years ago his family immigrated from senegal to italy looking for abetter life but life was hard he didn’t have money, he was deselected

He was rejected from middle school high school and college and when Khaby came he didn’t even have a job because he got fired from both of them and this is where it gets interesting with no money or job.

How Khaby became famous?

Khaby just wanted tomake people laugh. He got on social media and started making videos and that changed his life forever his videos were short and sweet. He made fun of complicated life tasks and simplified them what is different about your videos my video is simple and easy that’s it.

it’s a magic the beginning only two people watched him his father and his neighbor that’sit in one month he got nine views and two subscribers two subscribers yes sir but he didn’t care he continued to make videos.

he did not talk so everyone understood he was funny so everyone laughed and he was simple so everyone shared little by little he got more followers from every country in the world

Khaby Manager

His manager said to copy that he’s going to be an international star even though he had 1000 followers so how did you find kabi no he found me he was looking for a manager and he sent me a message onon instagram I started to check his profile I love it and we started to collaborate together and they were right in less than two years copy exploded he went from zero to 200 million followers and for the first time in his life.

How Khaby started making money

He started making money this 22 year old muslim italian senegalese immigrant factory worker became the face of hugo boss this is unheard of he makes billions of people laugh he is invited to film festivals he meets incredible people and lives the best life ever continued this story is not about Khaby.

it’s about you can make it big on the internet even if you never went to school even if you have no money the next big thing the next angelina jolie the next mr bean will not come from hollywood they will come from senegal italy india philippines mexico and egypt

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