Mary Boberry

Mary Boberry, unlike most models, especially considering her popularityhas decided to keep almost EVERYTHING about her private life completely secret.

It is a rare decision for people with a public profile, since they live off of people and the trust between them.

Mary has preferred to choose privacy and tranquility rather than expose herself publiclywith the risks that this may entail.

That is why information about her early life is almost non-existent SSBBW Mary BoBerry also known as BoBerry, was born on June 5th, 1985, in California, where she currently resides her life must have been  very normal and calm when she was a child  except for a few times when she was insulted because of her weight :(although her weight was pretty normal back then.

She wasn’t especially bigIt was at the age of 6 or 7, being a little girl, when she began to gain weight and gain weight progressively we just don’t know to what degree she was bullied. At that time she was supposedly living with her same age brothers and parents  

A few years later, when she was a teenager, she gained quite a lot of weight. Weighing 200 pounds  between 7th and 8th grade. In her last years of high school she nearly doubled that weight (omg)she continued to gain weight until she was 20 years old. Reaching approximately 500 lbs  although in the following years she lost weight almost 100 lbs!!!

Some people claim that during this  stage she gained weight on purpose, because she loved that. Maybe she had a boyfriend who helped  her. Although all these are conspiracies… what is clear is that she has never liked having a very  high weight, since she always ends up losing 50, 100 or even 150 lbs, as we’ll see later  

 Early years as a model, explosion and popularity Early years as a model, explosion and popularity  After school, we we don’t know anything about her life, until 2008 to 2009 when she starts  interacting with women of similar weight to hers. 

We don’t know what college she went to or what job  she had at the time. During those years she began to post photos as a Plus Size Model in an amateur way And on different pages with little future.

At that time she was about 25 years old   in 2011, she joined the page that gave her all the fame and recognition: Big Cuties  Becoming in her middle and final years the face of the page.Her stage in Big Cuties is very long: it lasts from 2011 to 2022   11 long years, more than a decade in which she created almost 400 complete sets   modeling as an SSBBW or a USSBBW, depending on the year. This is the most important stage of her career and possibly her life

It was her base in the early years and her popularity shuttle in recent years.In addition to a really high source of income. Although she has never given any data or numbers, she has never  even mentioned the subject, which makes some people suspect that she’s earned a lot of money focusing on what we know ( BoBerry got on the Page by posting some pictures in a haphazard manner  she started posting video and photo shoots all together very soon, as it’s common on the page when entering the page (BigCuties) she weighed between 300 and 400 lbs those first years she posted some photos that would end up being iconic

in her career Although most of the content she posted in her first two years was not yet professional, and she didn’t post content on a regular basis  over the years she improved her shots her skills in front of the camera, her poses and movements   in addition to gradually gaining weight. Around 2015 she was the most popular model on the site  weighing between 500-550 lbs. Several of her most famous sets are in this intermediate stage  her style was provocative sometimes, but she never went overboard, although it is common for models to  do nude shoots, even just once.

She has never done anything like that. She has never shown her breasts  which is completely respectable. As we will see later this is not unusual talking about her   since she would end up being a family-friendly model. Returning to her BigCutie stage, she continued  to gain weight, until in 2019 she reached what has been her highest weight in her entire life614 lbs that was perhaps her most famous moment on the page, since after that she began  to lose a lot of weight… and lost part of her Fame and credibility :(In 2022, just one year ago, she decided to leave BigCuties. Moving on by creating her own page BoBerryVIP that same year 

During her BigCutie stage, she was quite a reclusive and solitary modelcollaborating with just 4 models over a decade. She collaborated with CaitiDee twice, in the early sets, with Ellie 3 times in her middle stageand with Eve and Passion, just  once, in sets 74 and 163 respectivelyalthough she attended occasional events and parties, 99% of her career she modeled alone  going back to the present, her page represents a very small source of income and popularitysince she prefers to model in a completely family-friendly way, on strongly consolidated global social networkssuch as Instagram or Tik Tok, for which she has been widely criticized.

BoBerry currently has legendary statussince she is close to 40 years old. Possibly she has a partner and she is half retired  on her page she talks to her fans and uploads private content with them through a paid subscription  she is one of the most famous SSBBW models out there, but in a symbolic way, since she has other priorities in life now she lives more of her past  than her present. That’s the decision she made Measurements, adult life and curiosities Measurements adult life and curiosities  Mary Boberry’s height has varied, ranging between 5.7 and 5.8 feet, or 174 to 176cmthis may have been caused by her weight, as a fatter foot, can increase one’s height  her weight as we have said has varied greatly during her life. She has lost and gained hundreds and hundreds of pounds her current weight is approximately 500 lbs, although she may lose more weight due to the direction her life is taking Her cup size is 50 DD. Both her weight class and body type have changed over time and being just a girl of about  13 to 14 years old, she was already a BBW   since she entered high school she has been either a SSBBW  or a USSBBW, but she has never dropped below that classification again she’s only been a USSBBW for a few weeks of her life when she reached 614 lbs at her Peak  since then she has been a  SSBBW, progressively losing more and more weight  her body type is pear, although the more weight she gained, the more rectangular her body became  during BoBerry’s career, due to her little  exposure, there are many Mysteries and Curiosities  she was frequently helped with the recordings and photographs of sets as a model but she never revealed who was helping her… maybe it was a professional, a trusted person, another plus-sized model or her boyfriend it has never been known where she lived exactly since it was common to see that the spaces where she worked  were very different each new set what were 100% was sure about is that boberry absolutely loves to travel

  She has mentioned details about her family on very few occasions, but we know, thanks to a question that a fan asked her asking “if she was Irish”, that we know her ethnicities, which is what gives her that unique and exotic look  like her hair, skin, face, voice or body type. She is half Nicaraguan through her mother and half Welsh through her father So, she is considered a Hispanic  SSBBW. Her main social network today is Instagram  but throughout her career she has had others such as “Feabie”, Tumblr or an unofficial subreddit  she seems to be interested only in the most popular social networks, completely ignoring the others  another of the most surprising things about her and which is a complete mystery   is her incredible level of agility, stamina and mobility, onside ring her weight.

This may be because most  of her weight is distributed to her legs, hips and buttocks. Anyway it remains a mystery that  she has much more energy than BBW and SSBBW models that weigh 100 or 200 pounds less  in this sense, her metabolism is very accelerated, and this can also help in all her videos she always has a contagious vitality, constantly moving. This can also surprise you, due to her age (srry girl)she is not a bastard 127 year old grandmother. But she is almost 40 years old. At that age wrinkles begin to appear and her muscles progressively  weaken but she seems to be going in the opposite direction her clothing style has always been very  simple and comfortable. She usually wears tight  one-piece dresses, or two-piece outfits, made up of leggings or jeans and a t-shirt it is difficult to know the brand of her clothes, since they are single color most of the time  without showing the brand, unlike many other models ,who like to show the luxury of their clothes without hesitation…her clothes are cheap and simple. BoBerry likes to take great care of her image she decides what  value she wants to associate with, which is not very common in many of her co-workers who just  don’t care about their Public Image. From what we know she seems like a hard-working and tidy person  she literally says it: “so I’m not going to tell you what my job is because I like to keep the Two  Worlds separate, but I do work I work full time plus I work a lot my whole entire work week is  (…)work and sleep and work and sleep and work and sleep”.

What we don’t know is what her full-time job isbecause it seems that modeling is not her top priority right now. Her professional career  should bring her good benefits in every  way to dedicate more time than modeling  Mary has never talked about her health either. But it must have been pretty bad for her to lose  almost half her weight whatever it was… she never looked sick or lacking in energythere are other Plus Size models that look very sick and weak, their weight seems almost like a curse they can’t escape But BoBerry’s Health must be Iron, not to have had serious problems weighing over 600 pounds  which I recall is the weight of a full-grown alpha male bear. Her diet wasn’t good and it’s not good  since a balanced diet doesn’t make you several hundred pounds overweight. But as far as that goes she is pretty healthywhen talking about her  life and her health we can’t avoid talking about  another basic pillar of her life: The Family. we can assume that she has a boyfriend since her life  seems very orderly and established, but the truth is that it is almost impossible to know   getting to talk to her in person shouldn’t be easy and no  she doesn’t do fan meetings nor would she like to”so no I don’t do meetups I don’t meet  up with people I have met fans before  but uh like at big events never one-on-one not something that I do”  She just wants the money !!!hmm actually I don’t know but I like to accuse people without proof. Let’s keep going we are  in close to the end. Mentioning some details about her body and physical appearance she  has one roll on her right arm while she has two on her left. Her back rolls are especially great  this effect is also due to how small her  waist is in comparison to her body and how  flat and slim her belly is considering her weight.

Her belly is double and her navel is  deep with a vertical shape. During her early years she had quite a double chin compared to today  perhaps she’s had it operated  on, although she doesn’t look like the type of model that would undergo operations to enhance her physique everything seems natural Conclusions This has been the complete biography  of Mary BoBerry.

Mary BoBerry is the most famous and iconic Plus Size or SSBBW model in the community. It’s hard to think of a more famous or legendary model than the applicants will come out for her to  beat her numbers, but they are not the symbol  that she represents. It is true that her years have also created enemies for her and there are people who hate her. But today she is with all her mistakes and bad things and absolutely Irreplaceable figurewith these words

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