10 essential prompts to boost your

10 essential prompts to boost your productivity:

1. Summarize: “Summarize the text below into 500 words or less. Create sections for each important point with a brief summary of that point.”

[insert text]


2. Brainstorm Sample prompt: Give me a list of 10 subject lines for a blog about [describe your goal]. ________

3 Improve your writing:

[paste your writing]

“Proofread my writing above. Fix grammar and spelling mistakes. And make suggestions that will improve the clarity of my writing” ________

4. Get book summaries: “Summarize the book [insert book] by the author [insert author] and give me a list of the most important learnings and insights.” ________

5. Simplify topics: “Explain [insert complex topic] in simple terms that any adult can understand.” ________

6. Solve problems faster: “Give me a step by step solution to the problem below. Include clear explanations for each step.”

[insert problem]


7. Create a content calendar: “Create a 30 day social media content calendar for [describe your company and product]. The goal of the content is to [insert desired goal].” ________

8. Prepare for a job interview: “I am interviewing for the role of [insert role]. Give me a list of the most important questions I should prepare for, along with answers for each question.” ________

9. Learn new skills: “I want to learn / get better at [insert desired skill]. I am a complete beginner. Create a 30 day learning plan that will help a beginner like me learn and improve this skill.”

10. Train ChatGPT to generate prompts for you: “You are an AI designed to help [insert profession]. Generate a list of the 10 best prompts for yourself. The prompts should be about [insert topic].” ________

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