Best software,apps for creating YouTube Video animation

Best software,apps for creating YouTube Video animation
Doodly VideoScribe Explaindio RawShorts Animaker

With the technology development of internet speed and people’s interest, video marketing is exploring on the way .on this post you will see a list of top animation software

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Animation apps for pc

There are hundreds of apps for animation for you to choose from on PC. The good news is that many apps are cross platform,There are many animation video maker software tools available for animation as well, which work on any browser


Doodle video maker is extremely intuitive to use whiteboard animation software that allows users with different experience and technical skills to make whiteboard cartoon videos with complete simplicity. Doodle video maker app also available,

doodle video maker app
Doodle Video Maker

Doodle video maker free and to get started just select the type of canvas you want. You can then drag and drop the images, text, and audio tracks you want. If you like, you can record a voiceover straight into it.The Program includes a many library of components, which will allow you to make videos with drag and drop without even having to perform complicated settings, alterations, or edits. You could even make your components using their smart hi-tech technologies. It’s a powerful program.


VideoScribe Best available whiteboard animation software for Windows and Mac OS X .You can find app in the App store for iPad free app for tablet and phone of Sparkol Videoscribe.

Good and easy starting point! It’s simple, five-step process lets you start by adding images and text, then proceed by setting the animation times, recording and importing voice overs, selecting sounds, and publishing the will find it super easy to use the platform. Besides, the simple tutorial and example videos highlight the use of every feature to get you flowing without any hurdle

animation creator app
Videoscribe Animation Apps for PC

VideoScribe is the software that resembles this process the most, but Explaindio and Videomaker FX are doing this too.

RSA animations are really made by filming a real human hand scribbling on a whiteboard. This is very much work, and you need to be an experienced drawer.


If you are looking for a modern and feature rich whiteboard animation software, then you might want to give Explaindio a try. It’s much more complicated than Videoscribe and flexible than most other applications, requires some time and effort to learn it

You can use it to create animations and cartoon even allows you to create whiteboard animation effects .Explaindio is also video to gif maker which enables the importation of pictures and GIFs for your project animations and videos.

The Program has many features and functionalities that facilitate customization to make unique animated movies. It allows you to create HD videos using high-quality background images. You can even import video slides or audio files from other video editing software. Explaindio video creator enables you to animate cartoon characters to build stories and articulately convey your message.

It’s mostly made for advertising purposes Marketers will appreciate the catchy themes that will introduce their products in a professional manner. The software also provides you with a long list of pre-designed slides that you can use to create stunning presentation videos.


FlipaClip’s video activity devices make outline by-outline liveliness fun and easy.Create an animation, make film movements and plan one of a kind and energizing livelinesss Learn photograph liveliness and casing by-outline movement, draw pictures and transform them into enlivened gifs, or attract over recordings to make a rotoscope video .This app is available on android play store


Raw Shorts is an easy-to-use animation software with drag and drop interface When you wish to create the whiteboard explainer video.The software has a simple UI and features are attractive. Its free version lets you make the 2 minutes duration of the whiteboard video. You also get to export three exports per month. It has animated charts, templates, graphics libraries and you can record sound explanations.Best to demonstrate a strategy or training videos that will be the perfect tool for you to bring your presentations to the upper level.


Animaker is a simple animated video making app which helps a wide range of users to craft videos of studio standard without much training or external guidance. Animaker have quite a huge variety of assets and esp characters with tons of emotions are just awesome. Everything starts with just a simple drag and drop. You can even download 5 whiteboard videos every month.

You can select your favorite and most preferred whiteboard tool from the above-mentioned offerings. But remember, the one that suits your demand and requirements is a perfect fit.

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