How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube Fast in 2021

how to quickly get youtube subscribers
how to quickly get youtube subscribers

Identify what people are searching

Use Google Adwords to identify what people are searching for on the web and get a clear idea of your niche. Try to tackle videos with a perfect blend of high volume search and low competition and gain subs fast people trend to subscribers quick in which they are interested topic

Make evergreen videos

These are essentially videos that will be of relevance whether they are being viewed today or they’re being viewed 5 years in the future.However, this will apply to some niches more than others. Evergreen content is generally based on topics that are aimed at beginners.A lot of ‘how to’ content tends to be evergreen.

To Find out evergreen content you can use google trend

Make evergreen videos on youtube
Make Evergreen Videos on Youtube

when you look at things through this lens, it becomes easier to understand how to create content that is going to be evergreen.

As a result, take a look at your niche and see if you can create some ‘how-to’ videos that will stand the test of time. Even if you’re not looking to create evergreen content, it’s worth creating some ‘how to’ videos, because they are being watched 70% more year on year via social media sites and directly on YouTube and thus this method is a great way to consistently generate subscribers.

Limiting the length of your YouTube video title

Try limiting the length of your YouTube video title. Google truncates the length of the video down to 66 character mark and adds ‘YouTube |’ before the video, taking 10 characters more. So your ideal video title would be no more than 50 characters.

Ask your viewers to subscribe

The easiest way to gain subscribers on YouTube is by simply asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel. When your doing this, remember to demonstrate why your channel is worth subscribing to tell people what your channel does and then ask them to subscribe, repeat this at the end of the videos. And have a little pop up image that calls for subscribing or after you provide new and useful information.

subscribe to your channel
Ask your viewers to Subscribe

Tiktok then Link your YouTube

Tik tok is all the rage right now viewership is super high .Use Tik tok to build their personal brand on all their social medias, shorten your videos n post them on Tiktok then link your YouTube channel .Here is article on you might be interested Tik Tok for Business and monetization

Tik Tok for Business and monetization
How to earn money from tiktok

Interact with your audience

Building a rapport with your audience goes along way and is another good way to help you gain subscribers ASAP. You can do this by responding to as much comments as you can, if not all. Once you’ve established a healthy relationship with your audience they’re not only likely to subscribe to your channel but they’ll also give you content ideas.

Create and post highly watchable content

I know this tip might seem obvious, but YouTube is full of clutter and more often than not, it’s easy to feel like you can get away with posting sub-par content. You might get lucky a few times but if you’re truly serious about growing your channel, the only way to really stand out from the pack and grow your subscriber base it to create the best of the best content in your space.

Its no secret videos with high Watch Time numbers get promoted more often on the YouTube homepage and suggested video bars

Create and post highly watchable content
Create and post highly watchable content

YouTube actually recommends posting longer videos because the longer your videos, the longer users stay on the platform, the more your content is likely to get surfaced.

YouTube views were the most important things if you come up with a title and a thumbnail that got someone to click that was the most important.But in 2012 they changed their algorithm to prioritize watch time

And in 2016 the algorithm changed again to take it even a step further creators with huge channels started realizing that YouTube was not servicing their videos to their subscribers videos are sending out properly to the sub boxes, this is kind of a reoccurring problem with YouTube and what we now know is that watch time is the biggest determining factor for how many views your video will get not necessarily how many subscribers you have

The basic steps to accomplishing this is planning during pre-production. Here are a few ways you can do this better then your competition:

  • Do your research
  • Script ahead
  • Use the right equipment

Turn a Set of Videos into a Binge-Worthy Playlist

In most cases, you may have a set of videos that go together. Perhaps you do a recurring weekly educational series, or you have a set of webinars around the same theme.Whatever it is, you should make that grouping into a YouTube playlist. This will allow your viewers to continue watching without having to manually search for and click into the next video.

Turn a Set of Videos into a Binge-Worthy Playlist
Turn a Set of Videos into a Binge-Worthy Playlist

Doing this is good for subscription growth because it will keep people on your channel longer, and show them that you have a plethora of quality content. This will also keep your video content highly organized so your channel doesn’t become a cluttered mess that turns users away.

Add watermark to your videos.

Adding watermarks to your videos,is a nice little hack that you can use for your YouTube channel right away. Youtube lets you add a watermark that can be shown on all your videos. This adds another way for your viewers to subscribe to your channel.This is how this watermark looks like:

To do this, simply head over to YouTube branding page and add a new watermark.

Append your url with a subscription string.

Another smart way to quickly get youtube subscribers is from people who click on your channel link is to append your url with a subscription link (“?sub_confirmation=1”)

Increase your uploading frequency

This is may sound easy but its actually easier said than done and the reality is ,you simply cannot ignore its validity. The main reason someone subscribes to a channel is that they love the work of the content creator and wants to see more of their videos .Subscribers usually don’t like channels that don’t produce regular content and as such, consistency is key to developing a long lasting relationship with your subscribers.

Set a theme for your channel

A quick look at a lot of the top YouTube channels, you’ll notice that many of them stick to a particular theme. Take a look at Brian Dean’s channel for example

Having a theme will help direct all of your later efforts when it comes to creating content. On top of that, when you give your channel a theme, you can make it the ‘go-to’ place for certain types of content (This is the goal of a social media platform).If your channel manages to caters to a specific niche, then people who care deeply about that niche won’t mind becoming a subscriber, thereby growing your subscriber list.

Promote videos in your end screen

The more video someone watches, the more likely they are to subscribe. To promote videos in your end screen, first, include 10 seconds of time at the end of your videos specifically for your end Screen. Then, use YouTube’s End Screen editor to add a link to a related video, as easy as that!

Write a compelling channel description

Your channel description is huge and if used correctly can help you get a ton of subscribers. To help leverage this, make sure to include details that;

  • tell your audience what your channel is about
  • give information about your upload schedule
  • includes a strong call to action to subscribe

Here’s a template that you can use to write your own Channel Description

Optimize your channel page
Optimize your channel page

Funnel people to subscriber magnets

This method is actually working great right now. Here’s a step by step process of how it works. To begin with, head over to the old YouTube analytics report and click subscribers then YouTube watch page

Identify the video that brought you the most subs last month

The videos that brought in the most subscribers then becomes your subscriber magnet. Your Subscriber Magnet video is PROVEN to generate subscribers and if you can get these video in front of more people, you’ll get more subscribers

Amazing channel icon

Your channel icon appears everywhere on YouTube. Its somewhat like a custom thumbnail for your entire channel and that’s why its imperative to use the right one. For example, if you’re a company channel, use a version of your logo designed for YouTube. ( a great example is ESPN, they rounded their logo to works seamlessly as a Channel Icon).

Embed YouTube videos in your blog.

Blogs are a huge untapped source of views and subscribers to your YouTube channel. This is because if someone’s reading your text content,they clearly like your stuff, which means they’re primed to subscribe.Embed lots of videos in my blog posts.

Optimize your channel page

Last but not least optimizing your channel page is a great way to get subscribers. Immediately someone lands on your channel page, two things can happen:

  • They leave right away
  • The watch more of your videos and subscribe

That said, an optimized channel page can increase your subscribers 2-5 times In truth, there’s no “perfect” way to organize your Channel Page but here’s a template that I notice a lot of top YouTubers use.

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