Evergreen Content Ideas that bring tons of traffic

Evergreen Content Ideas for YouTube and Blog
Evergreen Content Ideas for YouTube and Blog

What does evergreen content mean?

Evergreen content refers to a type of content that never goes out of date or not time-sensitive. This means this type of information or content is always relevant, regardless of the season, and time period.

It also means that people are searching for that content regardless of the news cycle or world events.

This type of content remains valuable for the long-term and may require only minor updates

There are 3 type of content

  • Trending content
  • Seasonal content
  • Evergreen Content

Trending Content

Content that get tons of view for month and slowly fade away for example article related new song, new gadget, new product, gossip, news that people search for specific time also increase engagement while they are hype social media

Seasonal Content

This is content that is only relevant during a certain season. For example blog posts about Christmas, summer clothing, and Halloween costumes are only relevant for most readers during those particular seasons.

Some examples: COVID-19 related content and things such as “Work from Home Bundles 2020” which are most relevant for the year 2020.this is content that is only relevant during a certain year

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content those content which are search forever regardless of year example of evergreen content “how to lose weight” “how to train dog” “Tutorials”, “How to start business” and other which teaches us new information or skills

Why is evergreen content important?

This type of content is essential to your content because it keeps people coming back and helps bring continuous new traffic to your content . If you are answering important questions that are being searched for on Google, you will get more traffic. if you have youtube Facebook tiktok and other social media people will subscribe follow like your channel or page as content that you are sharing might provide value on near future

Why Evergreen Niches Are So Profitable

An evergreen niche is an industry with everlasting appeal. It doesn’t rely on seasonal trends or gimmicks to attract customers, because it sells products or services that people inherently need or desire. By far the best niches to market in are what are known as evergreen niches. The definition of an evergreen niche is one which is in constant demand, year after year.

So a niche like avian flu or the death of Michael Jackson are not evergreen niches because they are a flash in the pan. They come and go very quickly. Sure, you can create a website in this sort of niche, profit from it whilst it is hot, but it doesn’t build you a long term businessbecause after the interest in the subject has waned, the site stops profiting.

Evergreen content example

Evergreen niches include things like parenting, debt, betting, making money, weight loss and so on. These are niches which are going to be profitable now and will still be profitable in a year and five years time.

People are in debt now. Many People were in debt ten years ago and people will be in debt in ten years time. People want to make more money now. They wanted to make more money twenty years ago and they will still want to make more money in twenty years time.

Why you should write evergreen blog posts:

  • they are everlasting and always fresh
  • helps you rank high on search engines such as Google
  • establishes your reputation and authority on a subject
  • this type of content is very shareable on social media and other blogs, creating backlinks
  • source of passive income, write the post once and let it attract traffic and affiliate income or ads income
  • keeps readers interested year around to your content

If your information is valuable, readers will keep coming back to website youtube channel or facebook page time after time.

How to write evergreen content /How to create ever green content?

Here are few evergreen content examples and ideas

  • Write how-to guides
    Clear and instructive tutorials, such as an article about how to write a resume, usually prove helpful for readers
  • Answer the top questions about a certain topic
    Share your insights and skill sets by compiling lists of tips and advice you’ve mastered along the way;
  • Explain important concepts
  • Offer advice
  • Share your personal experiences
    Educate site visitors using your know-how, providing detailed accounts that cover all of the major ins and outs of a particular topic;
  • Build content around top searched keywords
  • Answer FAQ’s
  • Write testimonials
  • Self-care tips
  • Book reviews
  • Food recipes

Evergreen content strategy for evergreen marketing

As with all types of content, you want to optimize your evergreen content for search. Be sure to do your keyword research, and choose keywords that audiences are actually searching for.so that it has a better chance of being found by your intended audience

  • Be very intentional about your topic.
  • Answer a question or solve a problem
  • Create content that others can easily reference.
  • Write headlines that clearly communicate your evergreen topic

Social Media

Evergreen content for Facebook

What to post daily on Facebook might be overwhelming, posting simply to remain consistent and stay in your followers’ newsfeeds? With a simple strategy in place, you can literally knock it all out in no time! Here are free types of evergreen content, i.e., content that doesn’t have an expiration date, that will help you shuffle through the months, keep your fans’ attention

  • Ask them questions with simple options which relate to your business but aren’t about product specific such as: On a Scale of 1-10, Fill in the Blank, This or That, or A/B/C/D. It’s always best to grab their attention with a visual image so create a graphic
  • heartfelt or educational articles that you know your followers will appreciate.
  • Meme with brand content
  • Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

Evergreen content for YouTube

  • EXPLAINER/HOW TO, FAQ about your product or service, or to provide guidance on something that often causes confusion
  • educational content a part of your marketing strategy make an educational series
  • Have an infographic, slide deck, or animation already produced? Recycle it and turn it into an engaging video!

Evergreen content for TikTok

  • Food recipes
  • motivation quotes video
  • Business and entrepreneur guide and skill
  • Photography techniques


Setting up websites in an evergreen niche means that you can profit from a single website now and in the future. This means you can work once and get paid time and time again for that effort.

Any smart marketer will realize that this is a good thing and a great way to build a long term sustainable business.

Many marketers tend to have a combination of evergreen and other websites in their portfolio. This gives them a good range of earnings. They have the long term earnings from the evergreen niche websites and then the short term boosts in income from the non-evergreen niches.

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