How to make money on instagram from follower in 2023

How to make money on instagram from follower ?
How to make money on instagram from follower ?

Instagram is a Social Networking Plateform. Where photos, videos can be shared. Instagram was created by Kevin & Mike (Facebook Developers) and launched in 2010 by Facebook. And today it has millions of users. From 2010 to 2018, it had over 1 billion users.It is a platform that is also being used by the stars of the film world. They keep posting their photo or any sponsor every day.

If you are using it then it is a good thing and if not, you can easily install it from the Play Store.

Who doesn’t want to earn money these days? People also go abroad in the country to earn money. But after reading this post, you will understand that you can do Earning without going anywhere from instagram

Can You Make Money on Instagram?

Absolutely. As long as you have some beautiful and creative images to use, you can spark the attention of Instagram’s millions of users. Advertise your brand, products, and services in images form and video also. Being active on Instagram as a content creator really does pay off your efforts and creativity. The platform can bring in a plethora of opportunities to make money, by becoming a social influencer or earn a few extra bucks to add up to your savings.

How to start?

If you want to earn Earning using this platform, then first you have to follow Followers Increase on your Instagram account.

Here are step to get started.

Find Your Niche

The first task will be to choose Niche (Topic). You select such a subject about which you have knowledge. Which you can easily promote.

This is first and foremost also. Because this will decide how much earning you can do. So choose it very carefully.

Take Good Photos & Make Attractive

Whenever someone posts a video on Instagram or whatever the photo is, post a good quality post. That can attract people.

This will increase the popularity of your account. Fans will also grow. Through which Earn can.

Keep the photo in high quality. You can make your photo great by using Android apps like Snap Seed, Light Room.

Post Regularly

Do something good on your Instagram every day. This strengthens the Stability of your account.

The advantage of which is that your post reaches a lot of people. And on getting good photos or any good information, users also start following.


This is the best way to increase followers on your Instagram. You can see Instagram

How to make money with TikTok?

When you make a post, make a related post to your Niche. And you can Relevancy Increase your post by #Tag with Relevant Topic along with the post.

Followers of who will tag the post can also follow you. Posting tag increases the Reach. Which is very important.


This means that when you have thousands of followers, you do not have to leave them the same way.

You maintain an Interaction with your followers. So that you can maintain Engagement with your Supporters.

To make Engagement, you should do live streaming once a week or else reply to someone’s comment.

Creating Engagement on your account is as important as creating followers. Now your question will be why?

Suppose you have 50K followers on your ID. There will be only a few of them who will like your post. And when you stay engage from all the people, then the possibility becomes more likely to buy the products that you have suggested by people.

To make money from Instagram, you will find a lot of options on the Internet. But I have told you step by step about some special method which I like a lot.

What are the best ways that you can start making money on instagram

Be an influencer

By 2020, there were 500k active Influencers on Instagram. The number of these influencers are constantly increasing and you could be one of them!! Guess how? By promoting sponsored posts of new businesses and brands that seek the attention of your audience.

Work with brands on sponsored Posts.
Become an affiliate .
Open your own online store.
You can do all of these things at once
The most common approach you could charge brands a fee for sponsored content on your feed or your stories together ,you’ll come to an agreement about exclusivity how much content you produce the wording that you’re using the actual content itself
How much money is at play the contract may also include having a specific call to action like having a link in your bio that leads to the brand’s website

Be an Affiliate Marketer

Another route is becoming an affiliate, affiliates are different from influencers because affiliates are invested in making their brand partners sales rather than just raising brand awareness this is typically done with a promo code or a trackable link to indicate that the sales are coming from you to get connected with brands that are looking for affiliates you

Sell License for your Digital Media

As an artist or a content creator, you have the rights to protect the digital media you create for selling purposes. You can sell the acquired rights of the digital media you’ve created for videos, images and documents. It is also possible someone might take interest in purchasing your artwork or digital media, getting impressed by your work.

If you are fond of taking photographs. You can still do it. You can edit photos in high quality and sell them.

By Sponsored Post

When you make more of your followers, then big companies give you money to promote their goods to sell their products and services.

But the company sponsors you by looking at the good likes on your post and how your Audiance Engagement is.

There are two ways you can earn by getting sponsorship. The company will sponsor at least one person and will pay the money. Also Instagram will also give.

By selling Instagram Account

If a good number of people have joined your ID, then you can also earn by selling your account. This is also a good way you make money off instagram.

Depends on the price of the account on your followers. The more people the higher the price.

Big Digital Marketers buy your account by paying a good price. Because they need it more.

Website Promotion

If you have made good followers on Instagram then you can contact the new website user. You can tell them that we will promote your website, in return you can take money from them.

A coupon code will have to be generated from this website with a link to the product. Link the Coupan Code to your post. By which Visitor will get some discount on clicking on your post and you get some commission for selling products.

Sell your own products on Instagram

Sell your own products on Instagram. This is actually the most profitable way. In fact, many people on Instagram have made their own Instagram name into a website, and then posted their own official website on the link of the Instagram homepage and sold products there.

If you have any specific information. So you can launch any of your courses. Or can also write your book.

Whom can earn good money on the bench. All you have to do is promote your products.

How do you know what to charge as an influencer and how do you start making partnerships with brands?

How much money you charge will depend on, how engaged your followers are the reason for this is because brands want to see a return on investment.
So if you have a hundred thousand fake followers you won’t be able to provide any real value for brands, keep in mind that it’s not only the size and reach of your instagram account.
Brands want it’s also your audience’s trust and engagement with your content as well this is because you provide access to a niche audience filled with potential customers and you get paid on instagram, this is something that brands need and are willing to pay.

Do you get paid on instagram?

Here is example of Selena Gomez promoting Puma outfit

Selena gomez promoting puma brand
Selena gomez promoting puma brand

After this post arrives on instagram, her fans will start to look for the same outfit in online and in brick & mortar stores.
Eventually, They will start buying it. sales will go real high. The company will earn millions in revenue and several hundred thousands of profit because of high sales.
And from that several hundred thousand, she will be paid a certain amount of money by Puma this is how  instagram influencers make money.

Another example is Virat Kohli charges about 25 lakhs of a post this is how they are getting paid on instagram

How much can you make on instagram?

If you have made 20k followers on your account, then you can earn up to $ 100 for a post.

And if it is above 1 lakh, Earning can range from $ 800 to $ 900.

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